Death of a Sow

 First off a WARNING!  These are graphic images.  This is nature raw and uncut.  I have been sitting on these photos since June, unsure of what to do with them, after many requests to see them I finally decided to post at least some of them here.

There are some experiences that will stay with a person forever, this for me was one of those.  On a sunny evening in June, I followed the meandering Phillips Arm shoreline in search of a grass-grazing Grizz, a common sight on these wild shores.  Upon rounding the point into a small bay I immediately spotted what I’d been searching for, only for now the grass grazing had been forgotten in a vicious fight to the death.  I idled the boat in the deep water just offshore, unable to do anything but bear witness to the death of a sow.

Port Neville

In the 1880’s two Norwegians sailed the coast from Vancouver. Nils Hjorth stayed in Shoal Bay while his friend Hans Hansen made his further north to settle in Port Neville. Hans and his new wife Lizzie’s homestead was the last port of call for the Union Steamship delivering mail and fright up the coast from Vancouver. When Lizzie died Hans was left to raise his young stepson. Never the less Hans remarried and the Hansen family remained an integral part of the community that they had built at Port Neville. By 1899 the town had 45 registered residents with a general store, several houses, and rental cabins that went for 25 cents a night.

Behind the Shop

Behind the shop is a treasure trove of useful things. It is a collection of an accumulation of years of years of this and that. With a little light is also a treasure trove of texture.

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