Hello and welcome!  I'll leave you here with a short introduction of who I am followed by contact info and some pricing.

I am Jess Cavanagh, a West Thurlow Island based photographer in the heart of British Columbia's wild coast.  I find my self here in the Discovery Islands thanks to Blind Channel Resort where I do a little of everything which includes running the water taxi.  The two go hand in hand, the water taxi and photography, one could not be without the other.  They are so deeply woven together with one driving the other.  Inspiration comes from the water, from the islands, from the hidden histories of coastal pioneers, all tied together by the light that cuts through the mountains and caresses the islands reflected by the water only to be mirrored again by the clouds.  Welcome to the world through my eyes, enjoy. 


Here's where you and I collaborate.

I can be reached by email at:  


Or I can be found in person at Blind Channel Resort:


Sample Prices

Photo paper prints:                                              Framed Photo board:    

8x12    -   30                                                            8x12    -   80

12x18   -   60                                                            12x18  -   115 

16x24  -   75                                                            16x24  -   175

20x30 -   135                                                           20x30 -  265

                    24x36 -   180                                                            24x36  -   295                  

Canvas Prints:                                                            Acrylic Prints: 

 8x12    -   135                                                           8x12    -   225

 12x18   -   210                                                           12x18  -   285 

 16x24  -   270                                                           16x24  -   435

20x30 -   405                                                          20x30 -  525

     24x36 -   495                                                           24x36  -   660   

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